My 9 year old Boxer / Pitt mix


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My 7 year old 

Terrier mix

Born & raised in South Redondo Beach my passion for animals started at a very young age. While other little girls were playing with their dolls I would be trying to match the "LOST" pets with the "FOUND" pets in the different local newspaper's. I knew the names of all the dogs & cats in our neighborhood & befriended all of them.  Before the "leash law" went into effect, you would see me riding  my blue Schwinn bicycle to our local park with a hamster on my shoulder, a rabbit in my bike basket and my English Springer Spaniel "Freckles" running by my side.
I am very passionate about the treatment of animals so I'm sure it's not surprising when I tell you that I have no tolerance for animal cruelty!
Dogs are the one creature on this planet whose  sole purpose in life is to make their owner happy. It is a pure unconditional love!   They depend on us for everything & I enjoy giving them the care they need.  I am rewarded with a lot of slobber and the feeling that I am the most wonderful person in the world!  Now, if I could only live up to that!

I enjoy what I do and I love working with dogs and animals in general. I assure you that I will treat your furry friends as if they were my own.

I would never trust someone who I have not met to care for my own precious babies, so I wouldn't expect you to. Words are easily said so schedule an in person meet and greet with me. You can get a truer feel for someone face to face and you can actually see how your pet takes to someone who is genuine and knowledgeable.
No charge for Initial Consultation in your home.
Let me know what days & times are good for you & I usually can accommodate
Chewy & Sam

Your dog will feel good, have a healthy weight and display an exemplary behavior. All you need to do is make sure he gets enough exercise.


One of the main advantages of regular dog exercise is maintaining your pet's health. Regular exercise can reduce the risk of heart disease and other illnesses.


An active dog will have n o digestive problems (assuming he isn't being fed food allergens).

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A dog who gets daily walks will be less susceptible to urinary infections: walking stimulates urination and helps eliminating harmful bacteria before these may cause an infection.

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An active dog will be less susceptible to depression and will live longer


As with humans, regular exercise will improve your dog's confidence and reduce his anxiety. If you have a shy dog, you can help him by offering the right amount of exer cise every day. He will start being more outgoing and happy.


Exercise reduces stress and will give your dog a good rest. Dogs with insomnia are recommended to do more exercise

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Dogs like to chew and dig. Most of the times, they do these activities out of boredom and because they have plenty of energy to spend. If you focus your dog's energy towards exercise, he will no longer chew or dig. Make sure the activities you offer are challenging so that your dog doesn't get bored. A dog that performs daily exercise will bark less and will not be hyperactive.

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Overweight dogs are less active and are more prone to heart diseases and depression. Obese dogs will also have arthritis and may develop diabetes.